Reviews & Feedback

Very fantastic I have never used before! It is not only LED Lantern but also is portable charger to allow you charging smart phones if needed. I am impressed it is so small, but it's so bright. The lantern easily fits in your hand making it easy to reach or grab in the dark. The lights can be last a long time and there is a blue colored led indicator to let you know when the battery is running low. The product is durable. I drop it on the floor when I open the package, but it is running good. Also it built in double hooks and two strong magnetics, it is good for camping, repair cars, and emergency! I like it so much! --by Alan 2019.2.11

I'm very pleased with this little light. I bought it to replace to the old gas lantern I used for decades in the old wall tent. I will probably eventually buy a second one of these like the two brightness settings. The high setting is bright enough for reading or cooking. The low setting would be good for saving battery life for general lighting. I like the double hooks on the top, which will work well for hanging this light securely on a rope strung from the tent peak without tying or untying anything. Because I wouldn't want to drain this light's battery, I would use it to charge my phone only in emergency, but the option to partially charge my phone if needed is nice. --by Jeffrey 2019.2.25

I have two. I use them for car camping and traveling. This light is easily rechargeable via USB. How handy is that! It holds a charge for a long time and has four LED indicators on the bottom showing how much charge remains. The magnetic base is very helpful when you need your hands free for other work. It has a folding hanger system you can use on a wide range of attachment points. It lights up like a super nova; yet, without glare on all three settings. It's a superior product at a very reasonable price. --by April.C 2019.2.27

Ordered this light as a result of seeing similar product on TV. Being strictly subjective, I think this one is much better. Offers USB charging and seems to last for a long time on a single charge. Time will tell how well the battery will perform after a few years of regular use. So far, I love it; it's very bright and works great in lantern and flashlight configuration. --by Mr.Schmo 2019.3.1

You also have an option to hook it or use the two strong magnets, which I used working under the hood of my car. Perfect light to get things done! What are you waiting for? Get yours today!--by Cid 2019.3.8

Haven't had a chance to take it camping, but was very pleasantly surprised by how sturdy it is, the strength of the magnets (stuck it to the fridge and the leg of a step ladder to test) and how bright the light is. Being able to use it to charge a phone is a great idea, and power via USB means we can charge in the car on the road. All in all a great little device that'll serve the purpose of a couple of different lights and a travel charger when we want to pack light, and at a really good price too. Can't wait to try it out on a weekend away! --by Matthew 2019.3.11

I was very upset when I received the package and saw how small this light was it's about the size of a baseball. But after using it, this little light is powerful and does the job that a big bulky Lantern can do. You can recharge your phone with this but it will drain the battery very quickly especially if you're using the light at the same time. But for an emergency case backup battery it will do the trick. -- by Ray 2019.3.9