FAQs about Dumalex LED Camping Lantern

Is the Camping light rechargeable?
Of course. You can easily charge it via 5V/2A charger. It will take about 5 hours for full charge.

Will it be too hot after several hours lighting?
Actually not. This camping lights features 6 battery protection preventing it being too hot even after 7 hours strong light lighting. You can hold this and don’t be worried about it will heating your hand.

How about the magnetic force?
N52 Level

How long the light will be lighting?
There are 4 lighting modes for choice. Normal light (400LM) will last 12hrs. Strong light (660LM) will last 7 hrs. Flashlight (660LM) will last also 7hrs. Dim light (30lm) will last 158 hrs.

Are the rechargeable batteries replaceable?
We suggest not if you were not a specialist.

How long does it take for a full recharge?
About 5 hrs. Via 5V/2A charger.

Can you charge the unit while the lights on?
Of course yes.

How about the warranty?
12 months.

Is it waterproof?
Yes, IP65 Waterproof.

Is the battery are 18650?
4 Pack of 103450 Li-on battery.

Which shipment method supplied?
Recently we only ship order in US district via FBA.

Can I buy this at Amazon?
Not recently, and we will sell it on Amazon later.