5 Key Points of Choosing Camping Lantern

Outdoor traveling & camping becomes our daily lifestyle. A quality camping lantern is essential for a great camping trip. The best camping lanterns ensure you won’t spend your trip stumbling around in the dark. They help you illuminate your campsite, navigate a dark trail, read a book in your tent, and so much more.

We generally purchase camping lanterns from Walmart or Amazon.com by checking our requirements and comparing the product specifications among massive choice. Here are some tips you should concern before buying camping lanterns.


This usually comes down to weight distribution. If a lantern is awkwardly heavy on one side, or doesn’t possess a large enough handle, it’s not very portable. There are some models where you’re just expected to put them down, turn them on, and that’s it. Imagine that you would take the camping lantern in your backpack sometimes, if it is heavy or too large to store, it would occupy your space and make you feeling tired in a long journey.


Battery is always the key point because you could hardly charger your camping lantern or other device anytime anywhere in outdoor journey. Some camping lantern features AAA batteries operated. But it has low capacity and actually not environment friendly. Besides, you have to prepare the batteries each time in outdoor journey, which is not economics. What’s more, AAA battery operated camping lantern is actually an old backward design solution as he Li-on battery is wildly used nowadays.

The Lumens

lumens equal brightness. Lumens are affected by way too many factors to count, but primarily dictate how bright your light source is going to be.

More lumens, more light; this is especially useful for your campsite. In a moment, we’ll discuss how many lumens you’re actually going to need. Too many lumens can be a bad thing, mind you. If you take a look at our tactical flashlight buying guide, high outputs of lumens are used to temporarily blind and distract your adversaries in a survival scenario. High lumens can damage your eyesight, so be careful.

Fits many Occasions

The camping lantern always hang on the lines or branches in campsite. If you drive a RV for outdoor travelling or camping, the camping lantern should feature with magnetic absorption. Otherwise, a nice camping lantern could also function as emergency power, you may use it in your dormitory or power outages caused by extreme weather.

What’s more, a good camping lantern should embed some different levels of lighting brightness, to fits different occasions. Generally, a camping light could only lighten circled area in square. However, the Dumalex camping lantern also features a spotlight with an additional CREE bead, the distance of the intense spotlight could up to 650ft. A big gift.


You may sometimes encounter that rainy times in outdoor camping, and the outdoor grass always very humid at deep night. A camping lantern without waterproof function sometimes means faked designed product. However, Dumalex features IP65 level waterproof, enabling it functions well in outdoor environment.

So if you are an outdoor enthusiast and consider outdoor journey and camping as a lifestyle. I suggest deeply think about which type of camping lantern is your favorite, instead of following some bestselling but low quality products with massive 5-star review spam.